I am endeavouring to help change the way community exchanges services. By offering my services as a Gift, I can encourage a deeper relationship to take place between giver and receiver.

These words already add more richness to our sense of meaning than do, seller and buyer. In this way I take more creative control over my projects/gifts, allowing me the space to grow as a creator. Once a Gift is given, responsibility is passed onto the receiver, to continue with a Gift in kind, in whatever means or form they can.

What this looks like on a practical level:

  • I charge clients the materials cost incurred for the job, plus an additional 20% to cover business costs. (Tools, Vehicle, Insurance, Property etc..)
  • I submit a break-down of my hours

  • The receiver then chooses to pay me based on their gratitude and means. Payments can be made as a one time lump sum, or as a recurring subscription to my business.

  • I would encourage and urge clients to apply to a recurring payment, this allows my services to be shared across a much larger wealth/income bracket.


Subscribe to a service:


“When everything is subject to money, then the scarcity of money makes everything scarce, including the basis of human life and happiness.”

Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics


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