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About Andrew Akekurst, the owner of Little Island Woodworks

After graduating from the North Western School Of Wooden Boatbuilding, Andrew apprenticed for 4 years at Abernethy & Gaudin Boatbuilders in Sidney BC. Wooden boats require the highest level of carpentry, existing as the meeting point of function and beauty, they teach a builder how to gracefully meld aesthetics and strength.

Andrew Akehurst
Andrew Akehurst

Little Island Woodworks goal is to provide beauty for their clients. Does it catch your eye and hold your attention as you see it? Does it bring you a little closer to being present in the moment appreciation? Answering those questions as a yes, and insuring durable long lasting construction methods gives Little Island Woodworks satisfaction in what they do.

We see work as gift giving, and try to create a meaningful exchange that goes beyond the mere trading of money for skill, because the belief is that we (humans) can do better than that.


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